Meet Millie

Hi! My name is Millie, but my foster mom likes to call me Millie-Moo. She says I’m one of the sweetest fosters she ever had. 😍 I do admit, that I’m not a fan of new situations, because my previous owners didn’t spend much time introducing me to the world outside of my back yard. I’m definitely getting better because, I let the neighbor kids pet me and give me treats without getting too scared. I would really like to find a family or person that has another confident fur child and might be home often, because I don’t love my crate unless it’s bed time. Foster mom says that I need to work on my counter surfing and, I know it must be true because my she tells me “no” like twice a day. I’ve never had an accident in the house and I love chew toys especially Kongs filled with peanut butter. My foster mom says I could live with older dog savvy kids that respect my boundaries and, are patient with me if I get scared. If you’re interested in meeting me to see if we could be a perfect “MATCH” fill out an application.