Meet Miss Luna

Lil’ Miss Luna is quite the socialite. She adores attention from all people, even strangers. She enjoys gentle head pets, the occasional butt scratch and sitting on your lap to stay warm. In the summer, she enjoys exploring outside and greeting the neighbors. Luna gets along great with humans of all ages, but is picky about her pets and will let you know when she doesn’t like something. She has lived with cats and dogs before but would prefer if they left her alone. She is more of a lover than a fighter and will hide from new animals until she feels comfortable and confident and will give them a quick warning swat if they get too curious. With that said, she would do best in a home where there are a lot of people to give her attention and she does not feel like she has to fight for human attention.
Luna is litter trained, although she tends to kick around the litter and make a small mess. She is good about using her scratching post and has not destroyed any furniture from scratching. She is not too keen on playing with toys and would rather wrestle with your feet under the covers.
Her favorite days are when friends come over to the house and she can move from person to person and have all the attention on her.