Meet Petunia

Hello! My name is Petunia and I’m a cute little cuddle bug!
I came from a shelter in California after I was picked up for living on the streets. Thank goodness I was rescued! I am now in Oregon where I’ve been living with my foster mom and getting used to living indoors again.

It’s only been a little while with my foster mom, and I’m feeling more confident and braver. I sure like to cuddle up on her, bury my head next to her, and give her kisses – I’m all about giving and receiving affection! I’ve been taking lots of naps because being a rescue doggie sure is tiring! My favourite place to take a nap is on a fuzzy blanket close to her.

I have started to become more comfortable and interested in playing. My favourite game is “paws” where we catch each other’s fingers and toes, and I might use my mouth, too, but I don’t ever bite. And sometimes I just get silly, curl up into a ball and then roll around like a roly poly bug. If you tickle my tummy I’ll stretch out and let you tickle me some more.

I know how to walk pretty well on a leash, but sometimes my little legs get tired and I ask to be carried. I do like to be carried and will get in my travel bag when asked. I’m learning to Sit and Lay Down. And even though I’d prefer to sleep in bed, I’ll go curl up in my crate when I want to rest or sleep.

I’m getting used to all this new stuff, and some things are still a bit confusing (but not as much as when I first got here). I get nervous about things like meeting new people (especially men), car rides and being left by myself, but my foster mom is helping me work on all that. Like today I stayed in the car all alone for a little bit longer without even crying!

I like to meet other dogs and play with them. I especially like chasing them around because I can run really fast! It helps if my foster mom shows me other dogs are friendly when she pets them. We haven’t met any cats or played with any kids yet but we’re going to try that soon.

I can’t tell you about where I came from before I was rescued or what my other family was like, but sure would love to have a nice home where I can feel safe and loved and get lots of attention!