Meet Nala

Look at this sweet girl Nala! My oh my. This is a nice girl. Nala is looking for someone to appreciate the goodness that is Nala. A friend snatched her from being dumped at the Humane Society. Her owners were moving and didn’t take her along. I only say this to show this was absolutely no reflection on Nala’s behavior. She is a peach. We’ve worked on her recall, which is great now. We’ve worked on her preoccupation with chasing cats, thanks to an amazing cat staff, she is understanding that’s not a valid hobby any longer. Nala loves her kennel, loves to be loved, is good with small dogs, big dogs. She is overall a delight. Nala just wanted to light up some lucky somebody’s life. If you think it’s possible you are worthy, fill out an application. Go Nala! ❤️