Meet Oreo

Oreo is ready to fill your days with cheer. She has a delightful personality, full of Chihuahua quirks. Oreo will need someone dedicated to her fitness plan and her weight loss goals. Since coming into foster, she has shed about a pound. She is overweight and needs this to be a top priority to be the healthiest girl she can be, keeping her active is key. Oreo is a champ on walks and will need a willing walking partner. We are not sure how she is with children, but she has been super friendly with everyone she has met since being in foster. She gets along fine with her foster fur sisters, but may also enjoy being your one and only. She gives the resident cat her space and is more scared of her than anything.

Oreo is crate trained and is crated when home alone. She sleeps in a dog bed overnight, but if she could, would get in bed with you. Oreo is a curious girl and delights in chasing squirrels in the yard or just rolling in smelly stuff. While it has been reported she has had accidents previously, she has not had any accidents at her foster home. It may be having access to a yard has helped her navigate this. She will bark at times, but is easily redirected. Oreo likes going in the car, but will try to get in your lap so will do best if crated or tether her in a booster seat on rides. She does make time for snuggling on the couch at the end of the day. She has a hard time getting on and off furniture and if you are ok with her on furniture, she would benefit from doggy stairs.

Don’t let Oreo’s age fool you, this girl is ready for new adventures.