Meet Ozzie

Hi, I am Ozzie. I am a sweet girl, and I am so excited to start looking for my new forever home. I had a hard start in life, so I am just learning how to play. I follow my foster dog siblings around, and they are teaching me how to “dog.” Don’t let my size fool you; I am pretty shy and quiet, and I am a bit submissive with other dogs, whether they are big or small. I like my foster cats ok, and the chickens don’t bother me at all, though they are kind of weird. Once I know I am ok in my new home and start to feel comfortable, I will happily jump on the couch with you because I love getting all the snuggles. Loud noises sometimes startle me, and I like to twitch and pivot my big ears, like little satellites dishes, to try and figure out where the sound is coming from. I am a smart girl and already know how to walk on a leash, and I have learned a few commands with my foster mom. I will surely need more direction to learn more skills, and to become more confident, but I love to learn. My crate is my safe space, and if I start to feel overwhelmed, that is where I go to decompress. I am good with kids, as long as they don’t yell at me because that is scary. Playing with a stick or a ball is great fun! I would love a family of my own to teach me how wonderful it can be to be loved and treasured forever. Will you be my happily ever after, my match made in heaven?