Meet Pamela

Hi! I am Pamela. I am as sweet as I can be. I get along well with other bunnies. At my foster home I get to play with 2 girl bunnies and 2 boy bunnies. I love doing binkies and zoomies in the pen in the back yard. I am so fast! In past homes I have been a free roam bunny but, I do still like to chew on things I am not supposed to do, my home needs to be rabbit proofed. Currently I have my own big cage for nighttime and when there is no one top supervise us bunnies. I am happy either way. I love my bunny food and fresh greens and of course timothy hay or orchard grass. Something I worked hard on is learning to always use is my potty box. I am a master at this now. Another new thing is that I have learned is that cats and dogs can be my friends. My foster mom always supervises us, but they are fun to chase to get them to play. I am also available for cuddles and pets. So if you have room in your home for a little 4 pound bunny that has lots of love to give, check me out. You won’t be disappointed!