Meet Pancake

Pancake is as sweet as syrup. She got a second chance at life and is not taking it for granted. This girl loves to snuggle and is not selfish with her kisses. She loves to run in the backyard, chew on toys inside and play tug with her doggy sister. She is very gentle and patient with the cat in the house, approaching slowly and giving the cat space. Pancake is bright and picks up on direction quickly. If she has a few toys around, she will keep herself entertained; she is great hanging out while her foster mom works on the computer.
Pancake is great on leash and enjoys going on walks, adventures and meeting new people. She is very quiet except when she goes into her crate. She will bark and cry for the first 30 minutes, but then settles down.
We could go on and on about how great Pancake is, but we will keep it short and sweet, just like her. Have you always wanted the perfect dog? Now is your chance to give this gal the second life she deserves.