Meet Panda

Hi friends, I am Panda! I have been called many things by the people that care for me like, Big Head, Jack, Dude, Dozer and Tank… But, I like Panda best because I think I kind of look like a big panda.

There are three things I love in life, people, love from people, and food. If you give me all of these things I will be the happiest guy ever! They tell me I am such a sweet guy but, I can also be a bit demanding, when I want one of my aforementioned favorite things, and I might bark or cry to get your attention. I will always be happy to see you and I promise to always greet you with a thumping tail. I don’t ask for much, just to be loved and fed. I am told that I am super easy to have around. I love to relax and be a couch potato but, as soon as the leash comes out I am ready to go for a walk. I also love to go for car rides. If you like to be out on the open road, I would make an awesome copilot as I am content just to go wherever my person goes.

I have gone through a lot in my life, I have lost my family along the way and had some trouble with my knees. The nice people at MMiH helped me to feel better now, won’t you help me find my new and forever after family?