Meet Peter Parker

Like his namesake he is able to swing from building to building with ease, or so it may seem. This sweet sweet boy has lots of energy and loves to bounce around. He is lovable, adorable, playful and happy with a touch of mischievous and a dash of timid and shy. Peter can be scared meeting new people and may even hide, growl or both, given the opportunity but, if you come bearing a tasty treat he will love you forever. Peter needs to learn that new people are not so scary and, we are confident, in time, this sweet puppy will know this.


Once Peter is comfortable he is happy to bounce and bounce and then snuggle in for some love and pets. Peter loves affection and SUPER loves his people. Peter is perfect with potty but, he still has a bit of the puppy excited or scared tinkle. This boy loves to run and would make a great beach or hiking buddy. Peter is a smart boy and is learning some basic commands. Peter is crate trained and has been good with other dogs, cats and children.