Meet Phineas

He might be a little shy but he is as sweet as pie! Phineas loves to be loved. After settling in, Phineas will be focused on giving lots of kisses with happy ears and a wiggle butt smile. He wants to be where you are and he’s constantly watching with those piercing blue eyes to make sure you’re happy with him. Toys and a playful companion make Phineas happy as well and running boot scootin’ zoomies in the yard from time to time.

Phineas is crate trained and potty trained. He looks at you with curious eyes when you ask for basic commands but he doesn’t know them. He is very food motivated and wants to please so he should pick up commands quickly.

Phineas is a shy, gentle soul that avoids conflict. He is leery of his surroundings at first but gains confidence as he becomes more familiar. He’s a lean pup that should make a great running partner, agility dog, hiking buddy or other fun athletic activities but he won’t lose his mind if he doesn’t get exercise.

If you’re looking for a happy, easy going dog, please consider Phineas!