Meet Phineas

This is Phineas. He’s a shy guy with a history that has left him weary and scared of of life. We don’t know what may have caused his fear, but we do know he’s capable of becoming attached to a new person! When his current foster mom leaves the room he immediately cries for her to come back. He watches what goes on around him, and takes particular interest in cats and rabbits and desperately wants to her friends with them. Phineas is fine with his foster doggy siblings snuggling on the couch by him but he prefers not to wander too much and pretty much camps out on the couch to observe life around him. Phineas will need ample time to decompress & learn to trust those around him. This means even if he shows signs of progress, he needs to still be guarded and not forced to approach new people or situations otherwise, we know from experience (in his foster to adopt home), that he will regress and all progress he has made will he lost. This sweet boy deserves a family that will give him all the time he needs to realize he’s not in danger and that he can trust humans once again. Are you that family?


**Phineas is currently looking for a patient and loving foster home.**