Meet Pippin

Hello! My name is Pippin, and I’m just a smart young whippersnapper of a pup who happened to have had a rough start in life. When my friends at Match found me, I was very skinny; they called it emaciated. I don’t know what that means but, I sure do like getting all the food now. I like food so much that I sometimes worry that someone will take it, so I need to eat by myself, so I don’t feel like I need to protect myself or my food.

I’ve moved around a bit, and I’m really looking forward to finding my happily ever after. I would love to find people who will give me lots of guidance to be the best I can be. I love doing zoomies in the backyard, chasing water from the hose, and snuggling with my humans. I’m told that I’m super smart, but they also say really smart dogs overthink and get into trouble if left to their own devices. I want to find a home that understands my potential and will help guide me.

I love my crate and will run to it any time I might get a treat or meal. I’m a high-energy guy, and I would do best in a home with older kiddos that understand how to respect boundaries with pups.

My friends here at Match would love if my new family, was open to working with me, and one of their trainer friends to make sure I have the best chance at success. I’ve already have the basics down, including potty and crate training. I even learned how to ring the bell to go outside. I know how to sit nicely for treats, and I have mastered basic dog puzzles. I know I have so much potential! I’m just waiting for perfect someone to take the journey with me.