Meet Polly Ann

Meet tough and tiny Polly! Polly is small, but she is not, by any means, a delicate flower. Polly came to us as scared as a pup could be. Polly has come such a long way in foster but we think she will only continue to improve and gain confidence, with the right, patient forever home. When Polly first arrived, with her current foster, she would flinch when foster mom touched her, now she allows mom to pet her from ears to tail and enjoys it. Polly will snuggle with you and even give kisses now, but her trust is earned over time. Polly would chase squirrels for hours in the yard if allowed. Her other favorite pastime is napping in a dog bed on your bed, or on a blanket on the couch near you. Polly is still not comfortable being picked up, we do hope that may come in time but her new forever person would need to be ok if that doesn’t come. She also is not comfortable leashing up and going for a walk, she tends to be a homebody. Polly is not sure if she likes the cat in the household but, they tolerate one another. Polly will do fine with other cats, given time to adjust. Polly likes to have a canine companion her size, that will let her cuddle with them. Polly can be bossy with other dogs but, also takes correction from them well. Polly seems to feel insecure with larger dogs and will show that insecurity with grumbles to seem big. Polly recently had a big dog come in as a foster sister and appears frightened of her.

Though often a serious girl, Polly will win you over with her wiggle butt dance in the mornings or when you come home. Are you ready to be Polly’s hero and give her the life she has always deserved?