Meet Puglo “Puggy” Escobar

Are you looking for a playful, cuddly, and smart companion? Then pick me!

Walks are the best thing ever! When the leash comes out I start singing and doing the wiggle butt happy dance. And not to brag, but I’m very well behaved on a leash. Dogs barking and passing by hardly faze me. I’m well socialized and love playing with my foster siblings. But I also love lounging and getting lots of naps in.

“Sit” is currently my favorite command but I can’t wait to learn more things! My foster mom trusts me in the house when she’s gone since I’m fully potty trained and don’t get into trouble. I prefer to be near my human as much as possible because I love having a bond with someone. Being loved on makes me so happy…I lean in hard for hugs.

I’m a good boy but I need a patient owner that will let me get through a proper decompression period before I give them all those great qualities mentioned above. I need you to guide me and set my boundaries. I do really well with clear, direct commands and I want continued training. I’m only 2 after all!

My foster mom learned I’m pretty anxious with people doing my hair. Thankfully she has clippers and has worked on desensitizing at home. I’ll do best to continue working on trust at home before trying to let a professional groomer work on me. Luckily, I don’t need to be groomed often.

So, hurry up and fill out an application so we can start getting to know each other!