Meet Reggie

Reggie is a sweet happy go lucky pup. He loves to play and be with his people. He is great with other dogs and curious of cats. Recently his liver values have been consistently high, although he hasn’t shown any symptoms He’s been taking a supplements to manage this. A few months ago his liver values spiked and the vet recommended an ultrasound. The liver looked fine, but they discovered a few growths on his spleen, that after a second ultrasound a month later, they had grown in size. The vet recommended the surgery to remove the spleen and also the surgery was a good opportunity for a liver biopsy. Reggie did have the surgery. Luckily the growths on the spleen were benign and the vet/surgeon thinks that this issue is resolved. The liver biopsy showed some “non-specific degeneration”. This is something that can be managed with continued routine check-ups, and trying some additional supplements and a healthy diet. Overall Reggie is thought to have some good years left in him and he would love to find a forever home that will love and care for him.