Meet Rico

Are you looking for an active, goofy, and adventure ready best friend? Look no further, as Rico is ready to fill that role! Rico is a 3 year old Border Collie & Heeler mix. Rico sits at about 45 pounds which is the best size for an outdoor enthusiast!

Rico is a very friendly boy with both people and dogs. As far as cats go, Rico would do best with a very dog savvy cat(s) as we expect he’ll like to play chase with a running cat. Rico is learning all about how to be the best behaved boy, and is working on all of his basic obedience, though he is fully kennel trained and knows sit already!

Because Rico has multiple herding breeds in him, he tends to enjoy chasing, and using his mouth to communicate to other dogs when he gets overstimulated. He is a vocal boy who likes to make lots of noises when he’s playing or when he’s not the center of attention, which is something he’s learning to control and that demanding things from the humans isn’t going to get him what he wants.

Rico is a very happy go lucky boy who loves getting pets, booty scratches and will rub all over your legs to show you how much he loves you! If you want an active dog to keep busy, and who will keep you busy too, look no further, Rico is the one for you!