Meet Rosie Posie

Hi, my name is Rosie Posie, and I’m a sweet, silly pit bull. I am looking for that special someone who wants a sidekick, velcro dog, snuggle buddy, and someone to follow them to the bathroom. Just kidding, I’ll let you have your privacy. I am learning my leash manners and would love to find a home where I can continue to work on my skills. Sometimes I get a little talkative when you’re eating something yummy for dinner, but not everyone likes to share their food, so I’m working on that as we speak. I’ve made friends with my foster brother, who doesn’t mind that I may be more interested in my humans. I may need some time to warm up to unfamiliar faces, but I’ll be eager to call you my new best friend once I do. My foster mom says I have unique knee joints. She took me to the vet, and they x-rayed my knees and said I have luxating patellas. This means my kneecaps sometimes move out of their usual location. The good news, my knees haven’t stopped me from living my best life but may need to be addressed as I get older. So fill out an adoption application today, and we can seize the day together!