Meet Rowena

Meet Rowena! She is a young, carefree fun loving girl. She is brilliant and can figure out nearly any obstacle that you put in front of her. She is dog door & kennel trained, Has learned to sit and is learning to have manners while walking on a leash. She LOVES being active; playing outside, going for walks, rides in the car, meeting new people and new dogs! Every moment is an adventure for Rowena. She loves to explore and smell everything possible. Despite her love of activities and excitement- she absolutely LOVES snuggling on laps and being cuddled like the smoosh that she is. While her DNA results are still pending, we are sure she is 100% champion stuff. She has quite the prey drive, but can still live with cats, assuming the cat(s) are great with dogs and do not run! Running means its time for a chase, according to Rowena! Rowena is looking for a family that is as active as she is! She would love a dog sibling, even a human sibling to play and snuggle with!


**Rowena is being fostered in Oak Harbor, WA