Meet Ruff

OH HAI! Are you this “light at the end of the tunnel” I keep hearing about? Are you my fur-ever home? My name is Ruff, and I’m a pretty cool puppo, if I don’t say so myself. I love to play and run but I also love to snuggle in soft cushy beds or on your lap. I am still learning my manners, and I can take clues from older dogs. I love crinkle and stuffy toys and playing chase with my foster siblings. I’m still learning the ropes and can be a little rambunctious, but I am working on learning my boundaries to grow to be a great dog!

Wait! Are those adoption PAPERS you’re signing? And do they say “Ruff” on them? That’s MY name! (scrunches eyes tight) Please don’t let this be a dream…please don’t let this be a dream…

Ruff is a mix of strong breeds and to be successful needs a home that will provide strong guidance, structure and boundaries. Ruff needs someone to tell him right from wrong. Ruff doesn’t know it but he really wants a person to guide him to being the best pup he can be. Is that you?