Meet Sami

Hey Friends I’m Sami! Do you have kids?  Do you love adventures? Are you looking for a smaller dog with the stamina and personality of a big dog? I might be your gal!

I’m not really sure why I’m here since I’m such a well behaved and loving friend. I know how to sit and always wait for you to tell me when to eat, leave my kennel, or go through a door. I come when called even when I’m distracted by something I shouldn’t be getting into. I practice sitting on place every day and I’m so good at it! If you tell me to kennel I will go there right away. I do need to work on settling when you leave but I’m practicing with my foster family and I know I’ll get the hang of it. Changes are hard, don’t you think?

I really feel more comfortable when kids are around. Sometimes new people and places make me nervous, but I warm up faster if I get to hang out with little humans. I don’t even mind when they are loud! My human foster sister is only 12 and is helping me practice my manners and improve my focus. I know she’s going to be a great dog owner someday and we like to practice together. I listen to her as well as I listen to her momma!

I also have a dog foster sister that is a lot older than me. I love to play with her but I have to be gentle since she can’t bounce around like I can. I’m okay with that and I listen when I’m told it is time to stop. Settling down quickly is something I’m pretty good at, if you don’t mind hearing me brag!

If I sound like a neat dog please ask about me! I’m so excited to explore new places with you and your family. Can I please be your forever dog so I don’t have to be nervous about being left behind ever again?!