Meet Smoke

This sweet little guy is hidden behind his Smoke screen of shyness. Once he knows and trusts a person the real Smoke becomes clear. He is playful, leaping for toys on a pole or a laser light. He has a beautiful purr, deep pitched and soothing, full of joy. He has different meows for different moods and communicates well, but not insistently. He let me know his music preferences in the car; unhappy meow when he doesn’t like a song, quiet when he accepts the selection. He has a serious weakness for Churus, and I fully admit using them to get him to trust me and allow petting. He likes other treats too, but I wouldn’t count on them as “worthy of accepting petting” until he knows and likes you. Catnip is another way to his heart, but seriously, Churus are his biggest weakness. Smoke likes other cats, and will follow our big boy cat around like a super fan. He has not been around the dogs yet, but doesn’t startle when mine bark. He would not do well with children, he startles easily. He is gentle and shy, has never hissed or tried to bite or scratch even when clearly frightened. And given time Smoke clears, and shows his loving self. He would do best in a quiet home with humans who will be patient, waiting for him to adjust and trust.