Meet S’mores (Sam)

Hi my name is S’more but my foster mom calls me Sam. My rescuers are still trying to figure out what breeds I am, they think I’ve got some Australian Kelpie in me, maybe some Australian Shepherd and probably a bunch of other silly things. I’m a little girl with long legs.

I am still a puppy but, I have spent most of my life in a shelter without a lot of human contact. I am a bit timid, and sudden movements scare me but I am learning to be brave in this new big world my foster mom is introducing me to. I am in search of my human who can be patient and understanding while I navigate this new freedom.

I love, love, love, playing with other dogs, and hanging out with them. They give me more confidence but I have not been tested with other animals yet. My foster mom calls me a hoarder but, I prefer to be called a “collector of toys” (they are great for my puppy chewing). And, I don’t mind sharing my toys with my dog friends.

I like having my own spot(s). One of my favorite spots is my dog bed under my foster mom’s desk and another by the couch for watching TV. I am very shy and very quiet. I am not aggressive at all, even when food is involved. I will not take food from your hand but, if left unattended all bets are off.

My foster mom has taught me “outside” so I don’t potty in the house. I even know the sign language for “go Potty”. She has taught me “stay” so she can put on my leash, and I listen most of the time. “Crate” when it is time for bed. I am learning to go for walks on a leash and I am doing great but I am just not sure why she is so worried about her heal.

So, if you are available and have the patience, I would love to interview you for my forever human.