Meet Stella

  • Breed: 1/2 Belgian Malinois. The other half is Heeler, Rottweiler, and Doberman
  • Age: 6 years 5 months
  • Sex: Female
  • Size: Currently 60 pounds
  • Vaccinations: Up to Date
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Good with Dogs
  • Adoption Fee: $375
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Stella, sweet, funny Stella. She came to us several months back for training. Her owners have a toddler and they were concerned about Stella’s nervousness around their busy baby. Stella doesn’t have a mean bone but she does have a couple of anxious ones. She has done beautifully with her training, is a joy to hang out with, loves to hike and run…just a little too nervous to be comfortable around grabby small children. Because of this, her sweet owners made the wrenching but ultimately correct for them, decision to rehome the world’s cutest red head. They wanted to have her trained so she would have the best possible outcome, we appreciate that so very much. This is one of those times when it is just darn hard to be an adult.


So, our beloved Stella is looking for…maybe you? Once she likes you, she attaches hard and is pretty stinking irresistible. Initially hesitant, ignore her and let her decide about you. It’s what you should do with all dogs but with Stella it is imperative. Let her come to you. She needs a single person or a couple, no kids, the sudden quick movements are unsettling to her. She is dog selective so either she needs to be an only dog or with a dog that is neutral and won’t get in her face. She is fine with respectful dogs who mind their own beeswax, she has lived with and enjoys her foster/trainer’s two big boys. Her confidence is so much improved and we will want someone that keeps exposing her to the joys and peculiarities of life and keep building her brave girl muscles.


Her foster loves her so much and if you are the right one for her, you will have a treasure for life. She’s silly, enthusiastic, cuddly, smart as a whip and cute as a button.