Meet Tate

Tate is a curious boy looking for his next adventure.  Though shy at first, he has gained a lot of confidence with consistency.   Tate enjoys wrestling and playing chase with one of his foster sisters.   He will sneak in the dog bed with the other older dog and honestly I am surprised she tolerates him snuggling up to her.

Tate is crate trained.  He sleeps in his crate overnight.  He whimpers at first, but then adjusts.  He also is crated when his foster is out of the house for work or errands.   Tate is a typical puppy and can be mouthy.  He will accept redirection to a stuffed toy or a treat easily.  He is still learning his boundaries with people and with the other dogs.  For his success,  he will need continued training.  He can be a bundle of energy ricocheting around for an hour, then want to curl up with you and nap for an hour.
Tater loves going outside.  He runs and explores every leaf, every potted plant.   I have no doubt he will love being a hiking partner someday. We are working on our potty training. When he first arrived he only used pee pads. He now knows to go to the back door to potty. Foster family still keep pads down as he is not 100% reliable yet.  He loves the outside so much he sometimes forgets he is out there to potty so you have to remind him before he is tearing around the yard.
Tate has been curious about the house cat, but approaches barking so they have not worked out their relationship yet. He doesn’t seem to know what to make of her.
Don’t miss out on this sweet boy!