Meet Tesla

This is Tesla. He is named for Nikola Tesla, the scientist. Like his namesake, he is a bit shy and prone to hiding away. Once he gets to know you however, he is very sweet and loving. He likes to lick your fingers when you rub his face and will happily nap next to you or his brother. He does a funny little puff and arch when he sees a dog walk by but if the dog doesn’t react, he will walk over and say hi and snoop into what the dog is doing. His fur is shorter than his brother, Jacques, but he has the same long legs and body. He could use some spoiling to fill him out as he grows. He is fully litter box trained.

I’m Tesla, I’m full of love, life, and fun. I love to play, with my foster sisters, dogs, cats, and 2 legged kind. I love to lay in foster mom’s arms, like a baby, while she pets me belly. I sleep every night, with foster mom and my furry foster siblings and, my favorite place to sleep is between my dog friend and foster mom. Sometimes I like to sleep on my foster sister pup. I love love love to be loved and love being pet. Foster mom said I still need to grow into my ears and tail.

I’m looking for my forever family. I should let you know I need to get out of this foster home ASAP, it’s full of women, they keep trying to dress me in PINK. HELP!