Meet Tootsie

Tootsie is far and away one of the sweetest dogs ever. She is joyful and happy all the time. Her favorite thing is to make a blanket nest in your lap or next to you. She enjoys napping. I have been crating her over night and she is fine with it. However, I am sure she’d prefer snuggling up with someone in bed. She is fine with my smaller dog, but does not enjoy the larger one. She ignores the cat. Rides in the car fine. I will carry her out to potty in the yard, she does but then runs inside. She prefers to potty on piddle pads indoors and is reliable with them. I have yet to hear her bark. She will growl at the big dog to state her boundaries. With only 1 tooth left, she has been eating soft food. Just a delightful girl.