Meet Vicky

Vicky is a sweet little babe who is incredibly loving, happy, and ready for a forever home! Vicky can be a little camera shy so make sure to check out the videos to truly see this sweetie!!! Vicky is 5 years old and is smushy and sweet, but definitely will take advantage if spoiled too much! Vicky, or V for short, needs a family who understands that V may need a gentle reminder now and again that there’s no need to be in charge and that the people are taking care of everything. Because V can be a little nervous, it would be best if the ideal family didn’t include any babes under 12 yrs old. V is great with other dogs but doesn’t appreciate anyone getting too close too rapidly so introductions should be slow and monitored until V is really comfortable with the new companion(s). Once V knows the routine and the players in the house, V is the best!!! V loves to be snuggled and enjoys lightly playing with people and other dogs. V is a snuggly sleeper but does better having a space that’s dedicated just to V to sprawl out as needed. V needs a family who understands that it may take a bit to know this is home, but once that happens it will be a match made in heaven.