Meet Walter

Walter is destined to be somebody’s very best buddy. He loves cuddling up on your lap or in a blanket and watching movies. He is a great work from home partner and loves to be in the same room you are. Walter can be a little shy at first but takes a moment to assess a situation, and then quickly warms up. He is good with children. Walter is quite leary of men and, if reached for by a man, may try to nip. We think that Walter would adjust to having a man in his life, given the appropriate amount of time and patience. Walter is potty trained, and does not mind sleeping in his crate at night, although he would prefer to be under the covers with you! He enjoys walks and does well on a leash and harness. Walter is very curious but doesn’t seem to be much of a barker. He loves 20 minuets of play time then a 2 hour nap!