Meet Wyatt

Wyatt is an absolutely delightful dog. He is all legs. No food aggressions. Looking to the other dogs to learn the rules of the house. Genuinely wants to have a family that is his. He is spastically happy when he sees his people but settles within moments when he is able to snuggle in your arms. He is definitely a lap dog and craves attention. Wyatt is bright and he actively watches what you are doing and wants to learn how to be your family dog. He loves kids. He loves other dogs. He barked at the cat but the cat surprised him and he had no idea what to do. Wyatt is sleeping well in his kennel all night long without complaint. He has a pillow and a blanket in the kennel since he is so bony. He is an incredible little guy and has won my heart. You cannot help but melt when you meet him.