Meet Yogi

Yogi is a sweet little guy filled with a ton of happiness and love. He delivers full body wiggle butts when showing you how happy he is. Once he starts to settle in, he will rub up on you like a cat to share his affection. Then, once he’s really comfortable, he will start singing while cuddling up to you. This goofy guy is guaranteed to make you laugh.


Yogi is crate trained and sleeps through the night in his crate. He is happy in public, likes going for walks and being everywhere you are. He has terrier puppy brain and will benefit from training to channel his energy in an obedient manner. Although Yogi is energetic, he is also good at taking naps throughout the day.


Yogi does well with other dogs but would also be happy as an only dog. He loves getting all the attention! If you are looking for the cutest, wire haired, fun, four legged companion, then consider Yogi!


**Yogi is recovering from a fractured pelvis and is currently on crate rest. This will need to be continued until our vet gives the all clear. MMiH will continue to cover any follow up costs for this until Yogi is cleared.