Meet Zane

Hi, I’m Zane. I’m a dignified, quiet fellow who’s looking for someone to be my forever friend in this world. I don’t ask for much – but shower me with love and I’ll soak it up like a sponge and be your dream dog. I’m sweet and loving and smart as heck! I know basic commands and I’ll amaze you with how fast I can learn new ones. Despite my sharp mind, I’m such an easy going dude. I’m just as happy curled up at your feet as I am walking with you on the beach – the important thing to me is that I’m with you. I can handle being without you with minimal fuss – but why should we? I’m a sensitive and curious guy, so I want to understand everything that’s happening around me. I get confused when things move too fast for me to keep up, so a quiet, slower-paced home is going to be right up my alley. Is that you? Please come meet me so I can stare lovingly into your eyes!