Meet Zelda

Are you looking for a dance partner? Someone who will welcome you home with excitement and remind you why you go to work each day? Someone who will slobber your face with kisses?

If you answered yes to all of those questions, we have just the girl for you! Zelda is a pug pittie mix, and she is the best girl ever. She loves her crate, but will also snuggle with you after licking your face dry (or wet).

She knows how to sit on command, and is not a big barker. She does bark and whine, but rarely.

She may require some training if her new humans do not enjoy being jumped on when they get home. Walking on a leash is a work in progress. If a human coming up to her is excited, she may jump.

This former momma is still young in body, heart, and soul. She will bring joy to your life not just by her existence but by her infectious smile.